Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. out of [Arnold_Accent=”on”]Cal-i-for-nee-uh[Arnold_Accent=”off”] has developed a flashlight for Homeland Security that can make you throw up.Puke Saber

Yes, throw up.

It’s a multiple LED flashlight that can shine at you while varying the wavelengths of light, causing disorientation, nasuea and even vomiting. referred to it as the “Barf Beamer”, while the snippet I saw on Slashdot more eloquently called it the “Puke-Saber.”

Personally, I think Puke-Saber is the better name… but either way it would make the old “Train”* prank more interesting!

Still, I think the Homeland Security folks, while I’m sure are quite excited about this new toy, have forgotten one major consequence… this thing makes you barf! Guess having seniority in the DHS just became a little more important, eh? “Oh, man… we had to use the puke-saber again… where’s Karl, the new guy? We need someone to clean this up!”

* Train prank: while someone is sleeping, take a (preferably heavy feather) pillow and flashlight up to them, shine the light into their eyes while simultaneously hitting them with pillow and screaming, “TRAIN!