Stupid People

So, it’s not even been a week since the tragic shootings/suicide at Northern Illinois University and Jack Thompson, video-game-hater-extreme and pompous-prick-extraordinaire, has managed to get his ugly mug back on the Fox Network, railing against the evils of video games.

Normally, I’d roll my eyes, mutter “Give me a friggin’ break” under my breath and then move on to the next story. But this time the would-be-morality-champion used those moments to soapbox and then PLUG HIS BOOK! Clearly this warrents an actual out loud muttering of “GIVE ME A FRIGGIN’ BREAK!”

THEN, I find on GamingToday where the yutz sent the president of NIU the following letter – wherein he again plugs himself:

John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law
1172 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

February 16, 2008

John G. Peters, President
Northern Illinois University
1425 W. Lincoln Hwy.
DeKalb, IL 60115-2825 Via Fax to 815-753-8686

Re: Part of the Explanation for this Awful Disaster

Dear President Peters:

First of all, my condolences for this terrible loss. I have had the disturbing privilege of representing a number of families devastated by these types of incidents. I represented all six parents of the three girls killed by a 14-year-old video gamer in the Paducah, Kentucky, school massacre. I currently represent the families of three policemen in Alabama who were slain by a teen who trained to kill them on the cop-killing simulation video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This case was featured on 60 Minutes. See

The day after the NIU tragedy this week, I was on the Fox News Channel predicting that the killer on your campus would be someone who was immersed in violent video games, as this is a common thread in almost all of these incidents. I mentioned in the interview the mass murder simulation game, Counter-Strike. It was the game of choice by the killers in the two worst school shootings in history—Virginia Tech and Erfurt, Germany.

Sure enough, the New York Post reports today the accuracy of that prediction. I attach herewith the Post article.

Governor Blagojevich was on Fox hours later echoing my specific concern about the linkage between violent video games and school killings.

I have addressed roughly 200 college campuses about this problem. I am more than willing to come to your campus, free of charge of course, to explain to the students and faculty and surrounding community why these games, played by students, pose a public safety hazard. Brain scan science recently coming out of Harvard explains it well. There are multiple reasons why these evil events happen. Immersion of young males in murder simulation as a form of entertainment is one of the more powerful reasons.


Jack Thompson

This is bad enough, but then on, I found where the same sympathetic self-promoter is now threatening the same guy/instutition he was condoling with a civil law suit. WHAT?!?

Pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request production of copies of all documents that reveal Steven Kazmierczak’s play of violent video games, including but not limited to the use of his computer to play Counter-Strike, which he apparently, according to the New York Post, used to rehearse for his Valentine’s Day Massacre at NIU.

The killers in the two worst school massacres in history—in Erfurt, Germanay, and at Virginia Tech University—similarly trained on Counter-Strike to rehearse for their killing sprees.

If I am not provided with this information, I shall bring a civil action  to secure these documents.

So – it’s bad enough that the officials of the school have to deal with this tragedy itself, then they have to dedicate people to work with the investigators to get all the facts of the case straight. NOW they have to add another head or two to get this moron’s information together so he can rabidly rant yet one more time on how video games are training everyone, young males specifically, to be mass murderers.

Hello Kitty

Jack – isn’t it time to get a new preoccupation? I hear Al Gore is needing some help with that whole global warming stuff.


Saw this story on USA Today and thought I’d share:

TOKYO ( — A powerful earthquake toppled drums of nuclear waste and triggered other problems at the world’s biggest nuclear plant, raising the possibility of a second radioactive leak there, Japanese officials said Tuesday.

The earthquake Monday off the Japanese coast killed nine people, started a small fire at the sprawling Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear complex and caused 312 gallons of radioactive water from the plant to spill into the Sea of Japan. Tokyo Electric Power Co., which owns the plant, didn’t announce the leak until nearly 12 hours after the quake struck.

Tokyo Electric spokesman Akitsuka Kobayashi said today that the water was actually 50% more radioactive than they had initially calculated. The company apologized on its website for the error. Spokesman Jun Oshima said the amount was still “one-billionth of Japan’s legal limit.”

“They were hiding the truth,” said Masako Sawai, researcher at Tokyo’s Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center.

Kobayashi said Tuesday that the quake knocked over 100 barrels of waste. “A few,” containing plastic bags of radioactive waste, broke open, he said. He declined to comment further.

And why did he decline to comment further? I think we all know the answer there, now – don’t we?!


It’s been a long week already and it’s only “hump” day. My project goes live next week so I am camping at the office most nights and will probably be working this weekend too. Needless to say, the only time I get to exhale is when I leave the office for lunch. If I don’t leave I’ll have spent like 11 hours in the same building (which is fine if that building is an indoor water-park or a strip club; but not if it’s your office). So, I go out for lunch.

We’re on the fifth floor so I take the elevator down. No one is on the elevator with me which means I get that moment to breathe without having someone else around. By the time I reach the ground floor I’m looking forward to leaving. Getting some fresh air. Seeing what the sun looks like. The “ding” of the approach floor lets me know the doors will open. Naturally, I step to the front of the ‘vator. Right in front of the doors. No one else is in the box with me so I’m not being rude. The doors part and as I make my initial move to vacate the car…some pot-bellied santa wannabe is standing right in front of the doors. In the center. As the doors open, he starts to enter. Never mind I’m inside the small room trying to get out. Now, normally when I come face to face with someone…say in a hallway or at a urinal, I’m more than happy to step to one side. Mutter the obligatory “Pardon Me” and go about my merry way. Instinct started to kick in. And then it dawned on me, Tommy Two Tummies has the whole frickin’ hallway to wait/move to. I have 12.5 cubic feet with no alternative exit. So screw him. I’ve been caged in my office. I’m hungry. And technically I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY DAMMIT! If for no other reason than that’s the only way I can go. So screw him. I look him in the eye and step forward forcing his girth to the left. I’m not going to be bullied back into an elevator just because some lard-ass doesn’t have any manners. I just looked at him. He didn’t say anything; not a “pardon me” or an “excusez-moi” not even an acceptable “oops” followed by nervous laughter. He just waddled onto the elevator.

Needless to say, that pissed me off. I mean, how rude do you have to be to not let someone OFF the elevator. It’s one thing not to let them on. It could be full. You could be late. They could smell of cheese. Lots of reasons. But there are NONE for stopping them from leaving it!

It was very off putting and nearly ruined my lunch.

Safety Matches are A-OK!So I’m listening to the radio last night on the way home and caught a snippet of a story about an American Airline (I think) flight that was delayed or had to land in a huff due to the smell of burning matches. Matches were banned after 9.11, but apparently safety matches have been put back on the “OK” list. All right.

I can’t seem to find the story online today, but as I remember it, they had to land the plane and search everyone. Turns out a woman had pulled out her safety matches and lit one in an effort “to conceal a body odor.” They confiscated her matches and removed her from the flight. Once everyone else was searched, they were allowed back on the plane and the flight resumed, minus matchlady.

<blink, blink>

Wait a minute… WHAT?!?! To conceal body odor??? The woman farted on the plane and decided, lucidly, she would do like she does at home/work/McDonald’s/church and light a match??? How stupid can you  be?!? Someone should pummel her unconcious with a pinetree air freshener!

GrinchOk, so anyone who’s known me for at least a 12 month period knows that I am not a fan of this time of year. I view the time of year after Halloween and before New Years a lot like a I view Jagermiester, nothing good ever happens once it’s begun.

Now, before you get on your box of Tide and start pointing out all the holiday cheer and Charlie Brown specials, let me rebut by saying bullshit. Well, that may not be emphatic enough. What I meant to say was BULLSHIT! All of the Christmas specials talk about how man’s goodness will overcome any type of travesty so long as we all embrace the holiday spirit and love our fellow man. (And before you feminist start throwing Oil of Olay, I’m using Man in the generic sense describing all of the human race. Not just those of us with a penis.) Love for one another does not exist on the grand scale. If capitalism has taught me nothing it’s that it’s best to screw the other guy if it helps you (oh, and if you aren’t competitively priced, you’re out of the game). Go to any mall or Wal-mart and you’ll see man’s love in action. People push you, they’re rude and if someone in some way inconveniences them, they get angry.

Did you see the story about the guy who was shot while trying to acquire a new Playstation 3. SHOT!?! Who would shoot another person over a video game? Or on a less lethal scale, just look at all the women driving gigantic SUVs to the mall. If you feel compelled to own a Hummer even though you never drive on anything other than pavement (and apparently hate Gaia) then you should have to park in the North 40. The Target by where I live is in an “L” shaped strip mall. Along the length of the “L” is a row of parking spots labeled “Compact” for those of us who drive small cars (and actually care that the fossil fuels are depleting). A small but nice reward for our civic consciousness. So, I pull in last week and guess who’s parked in the “Compact” section? Some rich bitch in her velvet sweatsuit taking up two spaces with her hummer. TWO! And not one of the new “smaller” H3 Hummers mind you; the real deal. I didn’t have the luxury of watching her park her behemoth but I did get to see her try to leave. She actually had to lean out either window and fold in the mirror of the cars next to her so she wouldn’t scrape them as she exited. It’s not like there weren’t several spaces open if she was willing to walk the extra 40 feet to put her Tonka out of the way. But Noooo!

I could go on and on with examples of people treating others like shit merely because they were in the way or didn’t have time to deal with it. So before you start getting excited about the “best time of the year”, take a look around. See how your fellow man is treating each other. And for gods’ sake, don’t get in line in front of me!