Saw this story on USA Today and thought I’d share:

TOKYO ( — A powerful earthquake toppled drums of nuclear waste and triggered other problems at the world’s biggest nuclear plant, raising the possibility of a second radioactive leak there, Japanese officials said Tuesday.

The earthquake Monday off the Japanese coast killed nine people, started a small fire at the sprawling Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear complex and caused 312 gallons of radioactive water from the plant to spill into the Sea of Japan. Tokyo Electric Power Co., which owns the plant, didn’t announce the leak until nearly 12 hours after the quake struck.

Tokyo Electric spokesman Akitsuka Kobayashi said today that the water was actually 50% more radioactive than they had initially calculated. The company apologized on its website for the error. Spokesman Jun Oshima said the amount was still “one-billionth of Japan’s legal limit.”

“They were hiding the truth,” said Masako Sawai, researcher at Tokyo’s Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center.

Kobayashi said Tuesday that the quake knocked over 100 barrels of waste. “A few,” containing plastic bags of radioactive waste, broke open, he said. He declined to comment further.

And why did he decline to comment further? I think we all know the answer there, now – don’t we?!