Last week Apple announced their new iPhone at MacWorld. Everyone cheered. I was a little skeptical. First strike against it? It’s only set up to work on the Cingular (AT&T) network. My wife works for Verizon Wireless. Plus, I used to work for Cingular. Now I mostly just hate them.

Still, the phone seems pretty cool – a cell phone, iPod and PDA-like device all rolled nicely into one well-designed package. Just the way Apple operates. Then I heard the price – $500 for the 4GB model and $600 for the 8GB model… and that’s WITH a 2-year contract!!!

Screw that – they can keep the damn thing for that much money!

Then I saw this video that does an amazing job of demonstrating the product and its many uses.

While I still won’t be purchasing one until they make it available on a reliable cellular network, I have to admit there is a high lust factor for this little gizmo. Well done, Apple, well done indeed.