Safety Matches are A-OK!So I’m listening to the radio last night on the way home and caught a snippet of a story about an American Airline (I think) flight that was delayed or had to land in a huff due to the smell of burning matches. Matches were banned after 9.11, but apparently safety matches have been put back on the “OK” list. All right.

I can’t seem to find the story online today, but as I remember it, they had to land the plane and search everyone. Turns out a woman had pulled out her safety matches and lit one in an effort “to conceal a body odor.” They confiscated her matches and removed her from the flight. Once everyone else was searched, they were allowed back on the plane and the flight resumed, minus matchlady.

<blink, blink>

Wait a minute… WHAT?!?! To conceal body odor??? The woman farted on the plane and decided, lucidly, she would do like she does at home/work/McDonald’s/church and light a match??? How stupid can you  be?!? Someone should pummel her unconcious with a pinetree air freshener!