The big downside to any iPod is the craptastic earbuds Apple includes with it. Even the newly “redesigned” models stink on ice. I have a nice set of Shure earbud/headphones that sound great, but then they were $100 – so they damn well better!

The big problem with them, though, is that, well, they were a hundred bucks. No way I’m leaving those babies at work! So, I’m back to needing a decent pair of headphones that I can leave at my desk. I have some of the Apple in-ear earbuds, but they don’t have the frequency range I’m looking for. I’m not actually sure exactly what their range is, since Apple has decide NOT to release the specs on ’em, but the definitely cut off anything under 20Hz or 30Hz and probably don’t go over 20KHz.

My wife has some of the Sony Fontopias that she really likes, but, apparently, my ear canals aren’t as deep as Sony’s ear model and they hurt my ears after about an hour of use. I’ve been looking for about a year now for something decent to use.

Enter Wal-Mart and the JVC Marshmallow Stereo Headphones. They’re earbuds, have a frequency range of 8Hz-23KHz, come in multiple colors and are only $20! They give you two different size inserts and the insert itself is a foam rubber that you squish and then let expand in your ear canal for a snug, yet comfortable, fit. I’ve been using them for a couple of hours now and they sound good AND don’t hurt. If you’re looking for a cheap but good pair of headphones/earbuds, check ’em out!

They don't hurt!